Our single bedrooms are as large as double bedrooms for single occupancy, so there is real value in staying here for the price of a single bedroom. Having a single bed does not necessarily mean to have an uncomfortable stay. All equipment is the same as the other, larger rooms, and you can relax after your long trip from the jungle.


  • Bathroom
  • Single Bed
  • Western Toilet
  • Fan, Mosquito net, Towel
  • Table
  • Mirror

Price: 270.000 IDR/night with breakfast including.

*Get discount for long stay


Please Contact us to check current availability of the room
Email : or
Phone : +62 81 396 77 2804

Address: Dusun 1 Bukit Lawang, Kec. Bohorok, Kab. Langkat 20774. North sumatera - Indonesia