White Water Rafting

Paddling in Sei Wampu River is one of the top attractions for international and domestic visitors. The most favourite rafting package is a 5.5-hour adventure from Kaperas village to Pamah Durian or Bohorok. Sei Wampu White Rafting offers the magnificent landscape along the river, waterfalls, hot spring, and wonderful forest. The natural swimming pools along the way invite rafters to jump into clear waters. Visitors will be surprised by unique experience of the Sumatran River. For more information please contact us!

For experienced rafters there is a min 3 days package tour of Asahan River which is Sumatra’s highest rapids. All meals, accommodation, transport and equipment is included. Departing by car from Bukit Lawang traveling 1 day to Asahan staying over night in a homestay. On day 2 you depart at 8am by car to the river a 20min drive, to start rafting for 6 hours subject to water levels. To rest we will be staying in a guesthouse. Day 3 we make our way back to Bukit Lawang by car. For more information please contact us!!

Sei Binge is a rafting spot that offers bubbling current or fun rafting for beginners. The surprise will be at the end of the trip, crossing down the 10 m high and 45-degree steep dam.

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