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BUKIT LAWANG’S Leuser National Park has been recognized as a site for Sumatra Orangutan rehabilitation since 1973 until program was closed in early 1995. Up to 229 ex-captive Orangutans have been released in BUKIT LAWANG, and visitors can observe them live in the forest with their offspring. Most of them have been successfully released in the jungle, but a few still stay close by the camp. BUKIT LAWANG is also home for several primates. The Thomas’ Leaf Monkey, is an endemic species (found only) of the northern part of Sumatra including GLNP. This delightful black-grey-white monkey live with forest neighbors such as the Long-tailed Macaque and Pig-tailed Macaque. Siamang and White-handed Gibbon are difficult to see as they are very shy, but their unmistakable morning call can be heard from a distance. Up to 100 bird species can be seen or heard in BUKIT LAWANG, such as Sunbird, Honey-eater, Pigeons, Eagles. Spend a little longer by fruiting figs and you will busy counting the number of wildlife feeding from the tree. Rafflesia is very rare, but can be found deep in the forest. There is an Amorphophallus near the feeding site. You may be lucky and catch a glimpse of the two flowers in bloom.

BUKIT LAWANG is famous site for international and domestic visitors to see the Sumatran Orangutan Jungle trekking, rafting, tubing and swimming are all on the to-do-list while visiting. Up to 23 restaurants, 12 lodgings, travel agents, money changers, and souvenir shops stand on the small lane along Bohorok’s river bank. Visitors can watch the ORANGUTAN FEEDING SITE at 8.00am till 9.00am and 3.00pm till 4.00pm every day. From BUKIT LAWANG, you may want to explore the mystery of the tropical rainforest through jungle trekking to Tangkahan (4 days), Brastagi (3 – 5 days), or Kutacane (7 days). To arrange your trip in BUKIT LAWANG and adjacent areas, contact us.

BUKIT LAWANG VISITOR CENTER was built to showcase local architecture, it features eco-friendly design, and the building has been integrated with the surroundings. Admittance is free and you can celebrate and learn about the park’s rich biodiversity through wonderful interpretation and displays. Feel free to ask the park officers about the park, there are there to answer your questions. You can also obtain your Park entrance ticket here.

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Tourists are generally initially attracted to Bukit Lawang by the possibility to view orangutans in their natural habitat, a different experience from zoos, and the opportunity to take part in 'jungle treks'. Many however find that Bukit Lawang offers other attractions beyond the red apes and stay for weeks or even years, enjoying the relaxed lifestyle of this tourism-dependent village — enjoying a banana pancake by the river while listening to a guitar-playing guide singing Bob Marley songs. While such experiences can be had all over the Southeast Asian backpacker trail, many visitors return to Bukit Lawang over and over again because things in Bukit Lawang are just a little different.

Of course some tourists might prefer to visit 'undiscovered', more primitive places, where genuine conservation works still takes place, but of course as mentioned genuine orangutan rehabilitation is not consistent with mass tourism, and while Bukit Lawang is arguably a tourist trap by Sumatran standards, a Sumatran tourist trap is a very far cry from a Balinese or Thai tourist trap (which of course themselves enjoy many happy visitors each year). If you are looking for a few huts and no tourists, Bukit Lawang won't be for you. But if you would be bored by such a place, Bukit Lawang is a great place to learn a bit more about orangutans and also enjoy a relaxing time by the river on the edge of a national park.

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