Jungle Trekking

Back to Natur!!! Trek in wild tropical rainforest and search for endangered wildlife at your request with licensed, knowledgeable guides from the Gunung Leuser Guide Organization Office.


Experience with us trekking up to 7 days in Leuser Mountain arrival in Kutacane, Aceh region. Experience with great chance to watch Sumatran tiger, Amorphapholus Titanum, Rafflesia Arnoldii, fire ants, birds, insects, snakes in mostly are Phyton, Sumatran elephant, honey bear and many others. Experience with us in real jungle adventure with our more than 15 years experience local guide in official HPI lisenced. No to forget your camera! Book your Sumatra days now!

Our Jungle Trekking Packages :

  • Mosquito Trek : 3 Hours
  • Chicken Trek : 1 Day
  • Orangutan Trek : 2 Days 1 Night
  • Gibbon Trek : 3 Days 2 Night
  • Elephant Trek : 4 Days 3 Night
  • Deer Trek : 5 Days 4 Night
  • Tiger Trek : 6 – 7 Days Bukit Lawang to Kuta Cane ( Aceh ) or opposite.

Trek in Gunung Lesuer National Park, See wild animals, camp and swim next to the river, experience the fantastic food and drinks grown locally prepared freshly for you. We have a professional jungle trek team who are very experienced and knowledgeable, the guides speak English well. Trekking can be combined with tube rafting along the river, a really cool and is a fun way to return to Bukit Lawang after trekking.


Wild Animals we hope to see, orangutan, gibbons, peacock, monitor lizard, hornbill’s, elephant and tigers.


Trips include: Lunch, Jungle Break: Tropical Salad Fruits, Jungle Guides, Local Permits, Local Official Lisenced HPI (Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia)Trekking Guide & Assistant, basic equipment like waterproof bag, knife, basic medicine and Taxes.

If You staying overnight: Tent, Mattress, Hot Meals and drinks, are provided which our guests tell us are all very delicious.

Please Noted: Kindly to bring your own special medicine needed and stuffs. Your name will be registered at Bukit Lawang HPI Office as visitor for your permit to National Park Leuser Mountain. Details and custom to be discussing with our Guide before start the trekking. To completed your packet and received the permit, please confirmed yours trekking packet payment at receptionist 1 day before the trekking.

If You interested and Need more information about jungle trekking, Please contact us!

Email : info@JuniaGuestHouse-bukitlawang.com
Phone : +62 81 396 77 2804

Address: Dusun 1 Bukit Lawang, Kec. Bohorok, Kab. Langkat 20774. North sumatera - Indonesia

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